wasp spray can cause permanent blindness and other fun facts

I am linking up with Kelly again today for my second round of “Seven Quick Takes.”

  1. I just finished Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld. It is modern take on Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I am a self proclaimed Austin book lover and BOY was I disappointed! I’ll write a book review next week but I would not recommend this book to anyone who loves Austen’s work or to frankly anyone else who is reading this.
  2. It has been hot hot hot in Kansas this week. How do you survive the summer heat with a one year old? I feel like I’ve been cooping him up in the house because I don’t want to take him outside to play. We have congregated at the library/friend’s house/ and Church.
  3. Do you know that wasp spray will permanently blind someone if sprayed in the eyes? It also has a nice strong spray up to 25 feet. These fun facts are compliments of an undergrad Criminal Justice professor who argued that people should keep this by their bedside table and due to a wasp problem outside our balcony…So if you are at a loss for words in new social setting…you are welcome- they are sure to help you make fast friends.
  4. Another book review coming soon: applause all around. Consoling the Heart of Jesus by Fr. Michael Gaitley. This has been the most prominent spiritual read I have read in the last 2 years (besides the Bible…I feel obligated to put that in ha!).
  5. My mother gifted me some great nail polish that I am hoping will solve my nail biting woes…It’s been 4 days and going well…Sally Hansen Miracle Gel! It’s a two part process. I’m currently donning the color- Head Banger- rebel…
  6. We hosted our associate priest over for dinner on Monday night. It was a hoot! What are some ways that you show your priest that you appreciate them? Suggestions?
  7. It’s always hard for me to get to seven…I “accidently” taught my child how to scare people by abruptly screaming and popping out from somewhere. By “accident” I mean that it was my go to while my husband was at Bible Study and I was not night duty alone. The aftermath? James has been scaring people at Aldi and again at Mass on Sunday….oops.

Happy weekend and thanks for reading!


desire, open doors, and joy

How did my family come to the decision for me to go to law school? The very short version: desire, open doors, and joy. The long version: read on!


Desire: I have loved studying the law and about the legal system since high school. I would order books to read for fun about Supreme Court decisions and volunteered for the Brown County Teen Court for many years. When I was in college I studied English and Criminal Justice with the hope to attend law school at some point in my life.

I entered into the Sacrament of Marriage after my junior year of college and we welcomed our first babe after my true senior year of college. We then moved across the country for Catholic mission work with FOCUS. Through all of these many changes my desire to go to law school never died down. It has always been there even while asking the Lord to take this desire away from me if it was not His will. I will start school in a month and am still praying this prayer and will continue to do so while I am in school.

I took the LSAT last October when my babe was 3 months old. Newborns make for great LSAT study partners! James would nap in the living room while I studied. My goal was to study for atleast 2 hours a day for a month. I got my score back which wasn’t as high as I was hoping but it was fine enough and started applying to schools.

Open doors: My hope and prayer (with my husband) was that God would open doors for us financially if this was something He wanted for us. We both agreed that we did not want law school to be an extreme financial burden to our family. God opened many doors as I was accepted to all 8 schools I applied to and received many great scholarships.

In the end, the school we chose is providing a generous scholarship and again God continued to open doors for our family as my husband (after a lot of hard work and determination) landed a great job. God continued to provide as we found an affordable apartment and have been plugged into a great Catholic community.

The last factor: joy. I receive joy while studying the law. I know that sounds nerdy but I love it. Even though I haven’t started school yet I have been looking over the basics for the areas of law that I will be studying my first semester. I find it so fascinating! Maybe that will change in time and I know law school is its own beast.  I genuinely enjoy studying these topics so that always helps!

That concludes the big three reasons on the decision. On a side note, I would add  timing/ talking with a priest/ prayer experiences. My husband and I felt that this was the best time for our family for me to pursue law school. We have one child and hope to have more but know that going back to school with four or more kids may not be as realistic for our family and our goals. I also chatted with a priest friend/spiritual director about my desires and prayer with this family decision. My personal prayer experience that helped me guide this decision will probably become another blog post so if you are interested…stay tuned!

I am so excited to get back to school and my husband is excited for me to do something I am passionate about. With all of that, please keep us in your prayers! Thanks for reading!!

hello, i’m new here!

I am linking up with Kelly for my first “official” seven quick takes! I wrote one awhile ago but did not understand the whole link up process…rookie (thanks for explaining it to me, Tamara 😀 ).

1. I recently received my first semester class list for law school! I was so excited and immediately was taken back to being a fourth grader driving my purple bike to the elementary school to find out who my teacher was for the new year. I would peddle like crazy and then call my friends when I got home to whoop it up. I may or may not have excitedly texted my entire family. I can’t wait to get back to school!!

2. Last week I deleted my Facebook account in preparation for my new year. My hope is that I can spend more intentional time with my husband and little babe. I have started to notice that instead of using this free time more effectively for my soul I have fallen into just wasting this time in other ways….So here is to a new week to begin again and strive for holiness!

3. This post I wrote is still very true all week and this morning. Lord have mercy on us.

4. On some lighter notes… I have become e-pals with a college friend! I love writing letters but tapping it out is much faster. I am excited to keep up with her. My mom emails her 5 sisters every week and I remember perching behind her while she read them.

5. My parents are coming to visit this weekend and I can’t wait!! Last year, as FOCUS missionaries we were placed in Gainesville, FL (which is quite the leap from my home state of South Dakota!) We now reside in Kansas…still a trek for my SD living parents (almost to the ND line) but much closer.

6. Do you have any nail polish brand recommendations? I am a terrible nail biter and notice that I don’t bite them as much when they are painted. I am looking for a nice brand that will last more than three days! 🙂

7. Gosh it’s hard to think of seven things… Do you ever stop being embarrassed when your babe toots in public places? My son, James, just turned one and I still get red!!!

Thanks for bearing with me 🙂


“can you feel the death of strangers?”

It feels wrong to me to tap out a post about how I enjoy handmade cards. I had a professor in my undergrad who would ask us, “Can you feel the death of strangers?”

There are terrible acts committed every single day that we the public never hear about.  When you do hear about them, what is your reaction? Can you feel it? Does your stomach catch a little bit?

I mourn for the times that I wasted opportunity of prayer with continuing about my day like nothing ever happened. I admittedly get angry when I hear about a national tragedy and then see people posting about their lives- partying-like nothing is wrong.

It’s hard to admit that I get mad at those people but guess what- I’ve been one of those people and I’m still sinful- my sin just looks differently now.

I want to become a person so connected with others that I can feel when one soul is lost to us. We are the body of Christ. I want to become a person who stops what they are doing at the slightest suffering and turn to our Lord.

I understand that life goes on but can we not all do a bit better when it comes to thinking about our neighbor? It may be a bit deep but I want to completely and utterly love more.


Lord have mercy on us.


friendship folly

I recently finished True Friendship: Where Virtue Becomes Happiness by John Cuddeback. It is a quick read that breaks down the basics of friendship- Cuddeback also dives into why virtuous friendships are what we should be striving after.

This post isn’t meant to be a book review but only some dialogue about friendship that I have been having with myself (I won’t tell you if I actually talk with myself 😉 ) and others-although I would recommend Cuddeback’s book!

Often times I feel some pressure to keep up with everyone and I have noticed how loosely I use the word “friend.”

Using the word “acquaintance” makes me cringe as if I haven’t done enough to secure a “friendship.” Friendship takes two, especially friendships that you have had for awhile. This is such a simple concept but I believe it is something I have lost along the way. It is not only one sided where you must do all of the reaching out, all of the planning, etc.

We need friendships outside of our family. I’m going to make you gag a bit and whole heartedly tell you that my husband is my very best friend. puke. It’s true, so very true….but I still need to have friends outside of my marriage.

Cuddeback argues that true friendship lies within virtue- a virtuous friendship is the most fulfilling. When two people are pushing eachother to the true, good, and beautiful- to Heaven.

To add to my ramblings- I am deleting my Facebook account this week and I am very interested to see who I stay in contact with through text/phone call once this is gone. Facebook is great for staying connected with little effort. Maybe it will help me see acquaintance vs. friend more clearly with who I make an effort to catch up with and vice versa.

Do you have any thoughts on friendship that you would like to add? What do you think about the above possible snooze fest? 🙂 Happy Tuesday!

p.s. Be sure to read Greg’s comment on this post…it’s some goooooood stuff! Thanks for the input!



I would recommend

I posted on Thursday that I would post this on Friday so my apologies! I promise to never make e-promises again… 😉

I have always loved picking up what literary critics deem as “classics.” I was an English major in college (as well as Criminal Justice) and am surprised that I haven’t read this title until now.

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte (insert two horizontal dots above the e in Bronte, thank you!) I do not want to give too much away because I hope you pick up this book sometime.

If you asked me to describe this book in one line I would say:

Wuthering Heights: when childish all consuming passion/love becomes idolization and sin.

The voice and narration of the book comes from Nelly Dean- a housekeeper for the Earnshaw family. She recalls the life and love story, (more like love tangles) of Catherine Earnshaw.

Catherine “loves” many people; Heathcliff (the orphan child taken in by Catherine’s father who is wild and unruly. He is reduced to being a servant when Mr. Earnshaw passes away.) Edgar Linton is the next to catch Catherine’s eye (he is a wealthy, soft spoken, and falls in love with Catherine after she spends 5 weeks with his family due to injury.) I would argue that the person Catherine loves the most is herself. I think her erratic actions and decisions speak to this so I’ll let you be the judge if you would agree with me.

Catherine ends up marrying one of the men but still holds on to the other. One man is terrifying while living out his love for Catherine until the day he dies. He is often described as the devil and his passion for Catherine leads him to great revenge.

I would say that the other man is  just as terrifying in his love for Catherine. He allows her to completely cloud his judgement and allows anything she asks.

One man becomes more aggressive and one more passive in their love for her. Wuthering Heights led me to thoughtful discussion about what happens when people make a loved one their god. It can either be so blatantly clear or it can be covered softly (wow, they really love her and would give anything to her but to a fault)…either way….the love is not ordered. This story captures the aftermath and possibilities of this sin.

One more thought… Emily Bronte connects emotions to environment and I greatly appreciate this. The home of Wuthering Heights is described to show what lurks within it, as do many of the other homes mentioned in the novel.

I would recommend this book as a summer read. Thanks for reading, friends!



It’s not a coffee ground.

It’s not a coffee ground. Here is my warning for all of you coffee drinkers. I have been going a bit stir crazy the last day and a half as my baby (now toddler? What do people consider a 1 year old?) has a slight fever.

Our little community of fruit flies have been acting up and yesterday I am so glad that I decided to check my steaming cup of joe before gulping it. I questioned for about 3 seconds if that was just a coffee ground or the remnants of a little fly burning in the pits of my coffee Gehenna. I did text my husband after the fact to rejoice that another fly was down.

Annnnyways, I’d like to explain more as to why I have decided not to post pictures on my blog. I found myself taking pictures of everything and feeling anxious about capturing the moment to reciprocate it here. Maybe that’s not something other bloggers struggle with but it is something I caught myself doing so the pictures got the caboot…maybe I just want to be lazy too….putting pictures on a blog is a true commitment and I so enjoy when other people do it 🙂 Picture on!

Tomorrow I will post a book review on Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte—an “Oxford Classic” and a book you don’t have to go to Confession after reading. Heck yes!

Until then friends. A question I have for you, what speciality coffee do you enjoy? I am a Folgers and generic drinker and I would LOVE to become a coffee connoisseur/ #coffeesnob (You may be thinking wow, she is a great speller…I had to look this one up…add it to my little spelling brain section)

Any recommendations?