Pumpkin Spice Latte and a Slap in the Face

Contrary to popular belief- I don’t think the Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte is something to write home about…

I was able to critique this drink in the Orlando airport last Thursday on a spontaneous trip back to South Dakota. Was I planning on going home? No. It was a last minute idea presented to me at about 9:00 am on Thursday morning.

Meet Gerald the Giraffe.
Meet Gerald the Giraffe.


Was my baby the child on the plane that people wish they weren’t sitting next to? Yes. Good thing my neighbor was his grandmother. I spent my weekend diving into all things “Fall” and spending time with friends and family.


Bundled up with Papa.
Bundled up with Papa.
Quality time with Xavier.
Quality time with Xavier.

Other than receiving joy in spending time with my family; God continues to reveal that He is immensely seeking my heart. I was reminded of this while walking around small town Iowa on Friday afternoon.

The October wind cut through my denim jacket and ruffled James’ hair. There were yellow and burnt red leaves the size of my hand littering the ground gracing my ears with a familiar crunch.


True Life. James doesn't like tummy time.
True Life. James doesn’t like tummy time.

I came upon gorgeous trees, parked my stroller and spent a couple of minutes taking in the view. The canopy of greens, reds, and yellows kept me company. My heart was so full. Bursting with joy. Jesus continues to woo me. He continues to fill my heart.

James and I continued on to the church that Nolan grew up at. I hauled the stroller up a couple of stairs and into a narrow doorway. The church was dark except for light streaming through the stain glass windows.

There I sat, again- but this time in front of the tabernacle- Jesus fully present in the Eucharist. James had fallen asleep at this point allowing me some quiet time to pray. I thanked God for the grace and love He had just shown me…

My mind and heart were buzzing in all of the ways that Jesus had shown me His love that day- and in the quiet of the church, Jesus spoke to my heart and said, “Why do you not see the way I love you every day? I have loved you forever.”

I should tell you that I’ve never heard God actually speak to me, it’s more like a thought that pierces my soul.  This message tore through me and I began to weep over my own ungratefulness.

These last two months in Florida I have really struggled to remain present. Constantly allowing my thoughts drift to “what ifs” or “what next.” Searching for things to do to fill me up.

But the truth is, Jesus has been grasping at my heart here in Florida. I am the one who keeps knocking it out of His hands. My prayer is that I may be “fully present” one day at a time. That I may allow God to love me and that I may be aware of how He is working in my life.

“I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly” (John 10:10, NAB).



5 thoughts on “Pumpkin Spice Latte and a Slap in the Face

  1. Brooke! Thanks for sharing this. The “what if” and “what next” can definitely be real distractions from being fully present. This was a good reminder to keep the focus on Jesus. Only He knows what He has in mind for us!


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