Donuts + Cake = Tummyache.

I should tell you- Nolan loves donuts. I mean really enjoys them. When he was little, he gave up donuts for Lent and on Easter Sunday proceeded to eat eight of them. I don’t think he knew what “gluttony” was at the time…

Our week/weekend was FULL of sweets. My husband, Nolan, turned 24 on October 22. He is blessed to share his birthday with St. John Paul II’s Feast Day. Double reason to celebrate! Our UF students were on the “Alpha” retreat this weekend so the celebration was a bit quieter!

James (our 4 month old son) and I thought it would be appropriate to make him a donut cake. We schemed with our missionary teammates and this happened…

James 2 163

James 2 158

James 2 164

Nolan’s older brother, Greg, came to town to help us celebrate all weekend. James and I (okay only I did this) blew up balloons for our little apartment.

James 2 174 James 2 183 It’s all fun and games until…

James 2 179

I also attempted to bake Nolan’s grandma’s infamous chocolate cake. “Grandma B’s Chocolate Cake.” It is delicious and extremely rich. I think I am getting close to the original but who can ever really bake just like grandma?


We love spending time with family and truly cherish the time we get to spend with Greg. He also works for FOCUS, but as a Director of Collegiate Outreach. He oversees a couple of FOCUS campuses in the South East Region and is based in Orlando. He is such a great uncle and loves James so much. I think the love is reciprocated!

James 2 204

James 2 213

James 2 209

We think James has hit his, “Four Month Sleep Regression” phase because he is waking up more frequently at night. James has always been pretty good with “self soothing” but it has now turned into him hysterically crying for awhile.

Nolan surprised me with a trip to Target and the gift of an Ergo baby carrier. We have been debating the pros and cons of buying one for awhile now and I am loving it! It was a sweet little surprise.

It will be really helpful when I am meeting with students- James will be able to peacefully sleep on me while my arms won’t be cramping from holding him. He is a 14lb. monster! We went for his 4 month check up this week and found out he is in the 90th percentile for his length! I think he gets this from me 😉

James is enjoying the Ergo because he gets to be strapped closely to me all day. I once read that a baby’s only goal is to, “get to mommy.” Nolan and I always laugh about this.


That goal is now a reality. I hope you have a fantastic week!


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