My Son, the Stage Five Clinger: 7QT

Here goes my first “Seven Quick Takes” or 7QT: Does anyone know where this idea came from? Please let me know if you do. Essentially they are seven “quick” snippets from one’s life. So here we go.

  1. James, the stage five clinger. I believe this has something to do with the fact that we were in Auburn, Alabama for Halloween weekend. We got together with a bunch of Southeast FOCUS missionaries and James basked in the glory of being held and snuggled every waking and “non-waking” (yes, I know that’s not a word) second. It was such a blast and we were hosted by the Hines family (Hinish, not Heinz like the ketchup). Emily has become a dear friend of mine. Their son, JohnMark is only five weeks older than James and it was so fun to watch him inchworm around. James wasn’t too sure about having another adorable baby around…jm

2. Also from last weekend: Team UF took home the gold in the costume contest with our idea of “90s toys.” Joseph was a G.I. Joe, Nolan was a Gameboy Color, Katelyn was a Ferby (still creepy), Ari was an Easybake Oven (she even handed out cookies, bribing the judges), James was a Troll Doll (his hair was blue but it was too cold to go in his diaper), and I was a Doodle Bear.


Overall, it was a better idea than the first one of going as “The Villages” a well known retirement community in Florida just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Gainesville (I was totally sold on this one!)

James was also Dobby at our Catholic Center’s Hurlwurts (Hurley Hall turned Hogwarts) surprise for the UF Students. See below: Bellatrix hanging out with Dobby.


3. Lately, and induced by the level of clingy-ness of my son I have found it really difficult to “joyfully sacrifice.” Yes, I sacrifice….but gosh it’s not joyful. Maybe I will write more on this subject at another time.

Now that James likes to play with his toes, he thinks they can go everywhere!
Now that James likes to play with his toes, he thinks they can go everywhere!

In the meantime- will you pray for me that I may invite God into the sacrifices I am facing? They are nothing huge, but I am finding it difficult to choose joy when my son is screaming for me to hold him for what seems like the hundredth time in a minute. Thanks in advance!

4. It’s beautiful to see how the Holy Spirit lines so many things up in life. This summer, my friend Jessica, gave me the “I Thirst” meditation by Blessed Mother Teresa. It is heart achingly beautiful. I have kept it in my Bible, just because(Step one from Holy Spirit).

I noticed a man in the line for Confession and he looked  uncomfortable. I could tell he was a fraternity member as he was wearing “comfort colors” and “chubbies”…..It’s a southern thing. The line was really long- which is great- but I really hoped that he would have a chance to go. The people in the chapel started praying “Liturgy of the Hours” which added to the apparent uncomfortable nature of the man, because he was unsure as to what was going on.

(Step Two Holy Spirit) I went to give this guy the “I Thirst” meditation while he waited in line. Hey! It couldn’t hurt! The time for Confession continued to pass and the line was still slowly moving.

(Step Three Holy Spirit) One of our priests, Father David came to the rescue- really out of the blue- and asked the line (this specific man) if he would like to start a new line.

(Step Four Holy Spirit) The girl in front of this guy allowed him to go first, once he came out of the Confessional there was not enough time for more to be heard before Mass.

(Step Five Holy Spirit) This guy came to return the meditation, his eyes brimming with joy and whispering repeatedly, “Thank you, thank you so much.”

Thank you for lining that all up Holy Spirit!

4.  I had a “Mom Date” on Friday night. It was with Emily (Hinish, mentioned earlier) and Shelby. They are both FOCUS missionaries. We span the country and three different time zones. I ended up getting the latest end of the meeting which we all thought was funny because I am the one that goes to bed the earliest. Intentional friendship is so beautiful. I am still thanking God for placing these two women in my life. They help make me feel a bit more sane about the things I am struggling with as a mom/wife.

5. Nolan was gone this weekend at a FOCUS Interview Weekend in Philly. Cue more added clingy-ness from little James. I will not divulge how much coffee I have consumed as I know Nolan will read this and comment on how that is not good for my health 🙂 I was able to finish my Saint Dolls- Saint Therese- with the help a.k.a. free labor/company from my teammate, Ari and friend, Tonia! Thanks ladies!!! You’ve saved me a lot of time!

Anything artistic looking is credit to Ari.


6. James and I were going to go to the Gator Homecoming Parade this weekend after Adoration. I even put James in his cute cowboy boots to celebrate.

Look at James’ leg rolls! And yes, I was sweating to death in a cardigan.

We then we found out that they don’t throw out candy. We dumped that idea pretty quickly. Temps in the high 80s, a baby who wants to be held the whole time, and NO candy…..I’m outta there.

7. I have started to read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen out loud to James. I was reading it while feeding James and thought, “Heck, let’s start him young on classic literature!”

He babbles loudly as I read- probably in retort to the mean Bingley girls.

Thanks for reading, sorry they weren’t really quick! I’ll get better, I promise!  I hope you have a great week!


5 thoughts on “My Son, the Stage Five Clinger: 7QT

  1. Brooke, you and James are seriously adorable. I’m loving your blog posts.

    7 Quick Takes were originally started by Jennifer Fulwiler at her blog Conversion Diary. She started out with her own posts, then added a link up for others to join in. She did that for a lot of years, then eventually “passed along” the link up. It’s now hosted by Kelly Mantoan at Of course, you don’t have to link up if you don’t want to, but you asked where it came from, so that’s the story! 🙂


  2. Yay! Love when you have a new post! Kelly hosts 7QT every Friday. It’s a great way to find new blogs.

    Thank you for clarifying my name 🙂 It really helps the blog title when it’s pronounced right. Your saint dolls look amazing! I am so impressed you knocked them out so fast. Also, I love the I Thirst meditation. Drew wrote it out and had it framed for me one Christmas when we were dating. (My parents didn’t understand and thought Drew wrote it about me…. hahaha) Our mom date was the best!! I am really looking forward to doing it again. Love my virtuous friends 🙂


    1. I did see the I Thirst meditation in your hallway- what a beautiful gift. I about spit out the tea I was drinking in laughter when you said your parents thought Drew wrote it about you….That would be SO creepy 🙂 Can’t wait for another mom date soon!


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