A New Year

I sit here with a homemade wine spritzer while fighting the urge to go eat all of the Christmas candy. I LOVE candy. I enjoy chocolate once in awhile but I prefer straight. up. sugar.

I could choose to go eat the rest of the huckleberry truffles that my brother gave to my parents for Christmas (I know, it’s selfish.) Or I could choose not to….

Okay, maybe I already ate half of them (like I said….selfish.)

The new year is a chance for a new beginning. It’s an invitation.

I can choose to

not eat the rest of those truffles,

to be a better wife to my husband,

to not allow a word that is F in nature through gritted teeth when my baby wakes up for the fifth time at night,

to give more praise and thanks to God in how He is loving me in my everyday life,

to put down my phone and,

to not turn away from conflict or the vulnerability of others.

I often forget that I don’t need to wait until January 1st to begin anew. We are given a new start in everyday that God allows us to breathe.

So here’s to a new year and another opportunity to serve our Lord!


What are you choosing to do with your new year? I’m taking my glass of wine and diving into Jane Austen’s Emma, while my husband rides a bus for 18 hours to Dallas, and I pray that my son doesn’t wake up for at least another 2 hours….It’s a work in progress!


Thanks for reading and have a happy new year!







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