A Veil of Prayer

I am a lover of words. When there are words that accompany beautiful actions- I am hooked. This is when the words can bring tears to my eyes while I recall them.

I was graced with one of these moments, when words and actions collided so beautifully over Christmas break. These words were about two people; a mother and father which then extended to a bride and groom.

The bride- She is the woman that can look you straight in the eyes and just “be.” One week before her wedding she sat in a coffee shop with me. While her words gathered around the things they still needed to do, her eyes shone with a contentment and anticipation of the Sacrament she was about to enter.

She is beautiful. She is gentle and she loves intensely.


Thanks Arianne for the photo!


The groom- He is a man that genuinely lights up when speaking with. One week before his wedding he was at a Fellowship of Catholic University Students’ Student Leadership Summit inviting college students to come to know Christ in a more intimate relationship. He was teaching others how to share Christ.

He is welcoming. He is passionate and he is faithful.


They exchanged their vows in the midst of many family, friends, and most importantly in front of God. They are united forever, as one.

The words that have resonated with me these past two weeks were spoken lovingly by the bride’s father in his toast.

In his gentle and quiet voice he profoundly spoke about the love that he and his wife share for their eldest daughter. He told us about how when the bride and her siblings were growing up his wife was determined to give them a mother’s blessing every day before they went out the door.

How sometimes she would battle between eye rolls and disdained sighs. But every day, his wife was persistent and she would place a hand on her children while saying her prayer.

Once the bride went off to college, she was no longer in their immediate care. Her mother could not touch her everyday and bless her but they veiled her in prayer from afar.

They prayed that God would bring her a gentle, loving, and compassionate man to marry. They prayed every day for their daughter, that God would protect her.

And here we all are, God is faithful. That veil of prayer came to bear fruit. The words met with the actions— he took his wife’s hand, leaned over the table, and repeated the mother’s blessing that was said for so many years over the bride and groom.


Blessing the new extension of their family, again veiling them in prayer.

May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord’s face shine upon you and be gracious to you. May the Lord look upon you kindly and give you peace.

Amanda Hilger Photography

Praise you Jesus for offering us such examples of faith! Thanks for reading.

 Congratulations, Shane and Marah Van Diest!


We love you.


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