It’s not a coffee ground.

It’s not a coffee ground. Here is my warning for all of you coffee drinkers. I have been going a bit stir crazy the last day and a half as my baby (now toddler? What do people consider a 1 year old?) has a slight fever.

Our little community of fruit flies have been acting up and yesterday I am so glad that I decided to check my steaming cup of joe before gulping it. I questioned for about 3 seconds if that was just a coffee ground or the remnants of a little fly burning in the pits of my coffee Gehenna. I did text my husband after the fact to rejoice that another fly was down.

Annnnyways, I’d like to explain more as to why I have decided not to post pictures on my blog. I found myself taking pictures of everything and feeling anxious about capturing the moment to reciprocate it here. Maybe that’s not something other bloggers struggle with but it is something I caught myself doing so the pictures got the caboot…maybe I just want to be lazy too….putting pictures on a blog is a true commitment and I so enjoy when other people do it 🙂 Picture on!

Tomorrow I will post a book review on Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte—an “Oxford Classic” and a book you don’t have to go to Confession after reading. Heck yes!

Until then friends. A question I have for you, what speciality coffee do you enjoy? I am a Folgers and generic drinker and I would LOVE to become a coffee connoisseur/ #coffeesnob (You may be thinking wow, she is a great speller…I had to look this one up…add it to my little spelling brain section)

Any recommendations?




back at it

Remember how only about five or six blog posts ago I jumped on the blog bandwagon? I hit a rather large bump in the road while questioning myself on WHY I was blogging. All of my questions were valid ideas to think about but some were a bit skewed- pointed out by probably the only two people who really read this.

I enjoy writing and therefore am going to keep this little site going for awhile longer. I’m going to be changing a few things around here. I have a couple of guidelines/safeguards for not falling into vanity and comparison.

I want to continue to talk about things that truly matter in my life as a wife, mother, woman, and Catholic. Let’s talk about things that I avoid talking about with others for fear of them thinking I am weak.

This will be a picture free blog. Let’s all fall in love with words, with language, and let those paint the picture.

I will offer some book reviews here- guilt free books that I am loving. I recently set a book aside. It was a true page turner but I knew the contents ahead would lead me to read about affairs, prostitution, and other less virtuous behavior. But where are all the good books? I’m on the hunt and I’ll keep you updated!

Are you already sleeping? Are you clicking the little exit button? That’s okay. I know someone will find this tiny corner of the internet and will value these changes!

And just to keep some spice in my life: Here are some topics you can look forward to….


Prayer experiences about motherhood and my desires for a job outside of the home

All of the really embarrassing things I have done in the last year…some teasers- seriously telling someone my name is Michelle and then Jack. Naked Burritos. Dresses and Band-Aids…. I bet you are on the edge of your seat…

Some book reviews

Reasons why I stopped blogging to which obviously I’m back.

….. Stay tuned 🙂