It’s not a coffee ground.

It’s not a coffee ground. Here is my warning for all of you coffee drinkers. I have been going a bit stir crazy the last day and a half as my baby (now toddler? What do people consider a 1 year old?) has a slight fever.

Our little community of fruit flies have been acting up and yesterday I am so glad that I decided to check my steaming cup of joe before gulping it. I questioned for about 3 seconds if that was just a coffee ground or the remnants of a little fly burning in the pits of my coffee Gehenna. I did text my husband after the fact to rejoice that another fly was down.

Annnnyways, I’d like to explain more as to why I have decided not to post pictures on my blog. I found myself taking pictures of everything and feeling anxious about capturing the moment to reciprocate it here. Maybe that’s not something other bloggers struggle with but it is something I caught myself doing so the pictures got the caboot…maybe I just want to be lazy too….putting pictures on a blog is a true commitment and I so enjoy when other people do it 🙂 Picture on!

Tomorrow I will post a book review on Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte—an “Oxford Classic” and a book you don’t have to go to Confession after reading. Heck yes!

Until then friends. A question I have for you, what speciality coffee do you enjoy? I am a Folgers and generic drinker and I would LOVE to become a coffee connoisseur/ #coffeesnob (You may be thinking wow, she is a great speller…I had to look this one up…add it to my little spelling brain section)

Any recommendations?




3 thoughts on “It’s not a coffee ground.

  1. You can call him a baby as long as you want, little mama! I am insistent on not pushing the children toward being “big kids” as long as possible. Lesson learned from my first two. 🙂


  2. As for coffee, I am a big fan of Cameron’s Southern Pecan or Caribbean Hazelnut. I usually drink it black so it really matters to me that it has a smooth flavor. Cameron’s is available at HyVee either fresh ground or in packages. Both are good 🙂


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