hello, i’m new here!

I am linking up with Kelly for my first “official” seven quick takes! I wrote one awhile ago but did not understand the whole link up process…rookie (thanks for explaining it to me, Tamara 😀 ).

1. I recently received my first semester class list for law school! I was so excited and immediately was taken back to being a fourth grader driving my purple bike to the elementary school to find out who my teacher was for the new year. I would peddle like crazy and then call my friends when I got home to whoop it up. I may or may not have excitedly texted my entire family. I can’t wait to get back to school!!

2. Last week I deleted my Facebook account in preparation for my new year. My hope is that I can spend more intentional time with my husband and little babe. I have started to notice that instead of using this free time more effectively for my soul I have fallen into just wasting this time in other ways….So here is to a new week to begin again and strive for holiness!

3. This post I wrote is still very true all week and this morning. Lord have mercy on us.

4. On some lighter notes… I have become e-pals with a college friend! I love writing letters but tapping it out is much faster. I am excited to keep up with her. My mom emails her 5 sisters every week and I remember perching behind her while she read them.

5. My parents are coming to visit this weekend and I can’t wait!! Last year, as FOCUS missionaries we were placed in Gainesville, FL (which is quite the leap from my home state of South Dakota!) We now reside in Kansas…still a trek for my SD living parents (almost to the ND line) but much closer.

6. Do you have any nail polish brand recommendations? I am a terrible nail biter and notice that I don’t bite them as much when they are painted. I am looking for a nice brand that will last more than three days! 🙂

7. Gosh it’s hard to think of seven things… Do you ever stop being embarrassed when your babe toots in public places? My son, James, just turned one and I still get red!!!

Thanks for bearing with me 🙂



9 thoughts on “hello, i’m new here!

  1. Welcome to the party!
    Isn’t it so eye opening to notice how you use your time? I typically give up all extraneous tech use during naptime for Lent every year. Every year I re-remember how easy it is to fall into other time wasting habits. I do make progress with every round so it’s not all for naught!


  2. Welcome to the Quick Takes! Congratulations on starting Law School!

    Little ones tooting in public – yes, you get over it, but unfortunately not until they start doing things that are much worse. Once my then-4 year old asked, nice and loudly in a grocery store, “Mom, why is that lady so FAT?” I just about melted on the spot.

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  3. Found you through the Quick Takes and so glad I did! I’m so impressed that you’re starting law school after having a baby! Sometimes, I feel like I’m denying a vocation to teaching but I feel so conflicted about staying at home with my children or not. Maybe you’ve posted on this before, but I would love to hear the process of how you came to that decision.

    I turned my facebook account off for a few months and felt like I could breathe more freely without feeling the need to constantly check it, so I’m thinking I might consider that again.

    Also, I was a lifelong nail biter until I chipped one of my teeth from it! It was so minor that I didn’t realize what had happened and then I was reading a blog a few weeks later and the blogger had done the exact same thing except it was a major tooth chip. That has pretty much made me given up nail biting completely.


    1. Thank you for reading! I too feel like I can breathe now without Facebook. I have been planning on writing the post about going back to school so hopefully this week sometime it will be up. I will re-comment on this with the link when it is up and running 🙂 It helps so much to talk with other mothers with similar situations and passions. I can’t believe about the chipped tooth- that’s crazy!! I think that would get me to stop as well!


      1. Perfect! I’m headed over to read it now! And yes to having mom friends with similar situations and passions! That’s makes all the difference. Sometimes I want to give up social media completely, but I’ve made so many connections here with like-minded and encouraging women ❤


  4. Thanks for linking up! Good luck with law school! And I’m totally in awe of your mom; I only have one sister and I’m lucky if we get in one text based chat a week!


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