desire, open doors, and joy

How did my family come to the decision for me to go to law school? The very short version: desire, open doors, and joy. The long version: read on!


Desire: I have loved studying the law and about the legal system since high school. I would order books to read for fun about Supreme Court decisions and volunteered for the Brown County Teen Court for many years. When I was in college I studied English and Criminal Justice with the hope to attend law school at some point in my life.

I entered into the Sacrament of Marriage after my junior year of college and we welcomed our first babe after my true senior year of college. We then moved across the country for Catholic mission work with FOCUS. Through all of these many changes my desire to go to law school never died down. It has always been there even while asking the Lord to take this desire away from me if it was not His will. I will start school in a month and am still praying this prayer and will continue to do so while I am in school.

I took the LSAT last October when my babe was 3 months old. Newborns make for great LSAT study partners! James would nap in the living room while I studied. My goal was to study for atleast 2 hours a day for a month. I got my score back which wasn’t as high as I was hoping but it was fine enough and started applying to schools.

Open doors: My hope and prayer (with my husband) was that God would open doors for us financially if this was something He wanted for us. We both agreed that we did not want law school to be an extreme financial burden to our family. God opened many doors as I was accepted to all 8 schools I applied to and received many great scholarships.

In the end, the school we chose is providing a generous scholarship and again God continued to open doors for our family as my husband (after a lot of hard work and determination) landed a great job. God continued to provide as we found an affordable apartment and have been plugged into a great Catholic community.

The last factor: joy. I receive joy while studying the law. I know that sounds nerdy but I love it. Even though I haven’t started school yet I have been looking over the basics for the areas of law that I will be studying my first semester. I find it so fascinating! Maybe that will change in time and I know law school is its own beast.  I genuinely enjoy studying these topics so that always helps!

That concludes the big three reasons on the decision. On a side note, I would add  timing/ talking with a priest/ prayer experiences. My husband and I felt that this was the best time for our family for me to pursue law school. We have one child and hope to have more but know that going back to school with four or more kids may not be as realistic for our family and our goals. I also chatted with a priest friend/spiritual director about my desires and prayer with this family decision. My personal prayer experience that helped me guide this decision will probably become another blog post so if you are interested…stay tuned!

I am so excited to get back to school and my husband is excited for me to do something I am passionate about. With all of that, please keep us in your prayers! Thanks for reading!!


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