wasp spray can cause permanent blindness and other fun facts

I am linking up with Kelly again today for my second round of “Seven Quick Takes.”

  1. I just finished Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld. It is modern take on Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I am a self proclaimed Austin book lover and BOY was I disappointed! I’ll write a book review next week but I would not recommend this book to anyone who loves Austen’s work or to frankly anyone else who is reading this.
  2. It has been hot hot hot in Kansas this week. How do you survive the summer heat with a one year old? I feel like I’ve been cooping him up in the house because I don’t want to take him outside to play. We have congregated at the library/friend’s house/ and Church.
  3. Do you know that wasp spray will permanently blind someone if sprayed in the eyes? It also has a nice strong spray up to 25 feet. These fun facts are compliments of an undergrad Criminal Justice professor who argued that people should keep this by their bedside table and due to a wasp problem outside our balcony…So if you are at a loss for words in new social setting…you are welcome- they are sure to help you make fast friends.
  4. Another book review coming soon: applause all around. Consoling the Heart of Jesus by Fr. Michael Gaitley. This has been the most prominent spiritual read I have read in the last 2 years (besides the Bible…I feel obligated to put that in ha!).
  5. My mother gifted me some great nail polish that I am hoping will solve my nail biting woes…It’s been 4 days and going well…Sally Hansen Miracle Gel! It’s a two part process. I’m currently donning the color- Head Banger- rebel…
  6. We hosted our associate priest over for dinner on Monday night. It was a hoot! What are some ways that you show your priest that you appreciate them? Suggestions?
  7. It’s always hard for me to get to seven…I “accidently” taught my child how to scare people by abruptly screaming and popping out from somewhere. By “accident” I mean that it was my go to while my husband was at Bible Study and I was not night duty alone. The aftermath? James has been scaring people at Aldi and again at Mass on Sunday….oops.

Happy weekend and thanks for reading!


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